This is How I Teach

Guiding Principles

I. Everyone has the capacity for music.
II. Anyone is welcome in my studio, provided they are respectful and willing to learn.
III. I am a learner. You have just as much to teach me as I do you.
IV. I want you to succeed, however that looks for you.
V. I will not give up on you.

My Charge

– I will give you a positive experience.
– I will teach you ethically, honestly, and compassionately.
– I will help you develop the skills to take music in any direction you choose, at any point in your life.
– I will carry forward the legacy of my teachers by sharing their wisdom with you.
– I will contribute to making the world a better place. My studio will be a place without judgment, fear, or harassment.

My Philosophy

Music is for everyone. Should you become my student, I will do my best to give you a strong foundation in music theory, piano technique, rhythm & harmony & melody, improvisation, composition, and piano playing. Many of the things you learn will extend beyond the piano and will continue to serve you throughout your life.

I’m still working on this page. Please check back later!