I offer coaching/explorations guided by what you want to know. This can be done in person or online over Skype or FaceTime.

Example subjects might include:

Music Literacy

Increasing your familiarity with the notation, definitions, and applications of written music.

Composition & Arranging

Increasing your ability to write your own music or create more functional arrangements of existing pieces.

Chord Theory & Progression

Learning about the relationships between notes within a chord (harmony) and chords within a harmonic sequence (harmonic progression).

Improvisation (jazz or otherwise)

How to play confidently when you have no idea what will come out! (& tools to get the sound you want.)

Jazz Theory & Performance

Extended/altered harmony, rhythmic & melodic tendencies, reading a fakebook, crafting good solos, effective comping, how to prep for a gig.

Electronic & Electro-acoustic music

Composing/performing with DAWs, basic Max/MSP, composing/performing with instruments with electronics/electronic instruments, instrument design.

Piano Technique

Helping you to more comfortably grab that octave, hit that chord, or rip up that scale.

Practice Tips

Hygiene for efficient and effective practice.

Creative Process

Exploring the musician’s path & how best to enable your own musicality in everything you do.


Increased presence and connection with the audience, your values, and your abilities.


Improving your ability to listen to yourself and others, finding good harmonies, awareness of soundscapes, field recording/found sound.

 Constructive Feedback

If you want a new set of ears for your current project.

[Your idea here…]