Davis composerDavis Hill is a composer focusing on experimental forms and genres, from electro acoustics to sound art, as well as the interactions between improvisation, unconventional performance practice, and musical narrative. Davis has composed and performed many original works, designed his own instruments, self-released several CDs, and written non-functional counterpoint. His solo project Tempest has received zero attention in the underground scene.

Davis previously served as Musical Director for Lilac City Performing Arts (Spokane WA), Choirmaster for St. Paul’s Episcopal Church (Cheney WA), and taught privately at Amend Music Center (Spokane WA). He is also interested in language instruction and most recently served as EFL assistant in Vaulx-en-Velin, France.

Davis holds a Bachelor of Music in Composition from Eastern Washington University and has studied philosophy and linguistics at the Université de Lyon Jean Moulin. He has split his time between Lyon, Seattle, and Spokane and is in Spokane for the foreseeable future.